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In 1977, Ruto Frozen Fish Food VOF was established in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This was a spin off from Ruinemans Aquarium-which was allready well established by then. In the beginning, Mr. Peter van Tongeren ran the company with a business partner, Whom he knew from the aquarist industry. But as demand increased Rapidly, And they began to deliver to fish farmers, like Ruinemans and Ruysbroek, they had to hire multiple employees.

In 1987, Mr. Peter van Tongeren took over the business completely and announced his company as Ruto Frozen Fish Food BV. He moved the company to a bigger property in Zevenhuizen and he took the growth of his business to another level. He realized that the production could be done by machines, so he made investments and invented machines to do the work faster and better.

In 1989, Mr. Danny van Tongeren joined his father and started working in the family business. Working side-by-side with his father, They realized an extraordinary success in their business.

Since its founding, the company continued to dedicate itself to the development of new products and the improvement of the quality of the existing range

In 2013, Ruinemans Aquarium took Ruto Frozen Fish Food BV back under its wings. With this decision the cost of manpower, logistics and sales effort was combined leading to cost reduction. Ruinemans has continued to strive to provide high quality products for single type of foods and nutritionally balanced varied diet menus. All food types are care fully tested and developed among the millions of fish stocked at the Ruinemans warehouse.