Artemia Golden Gate

Artemia Golden Gate

Brine shrimp is a common food source for fish. It is a source of protein, carotene and functions as a natural laxative in fish digestive systems. Their small size, great taste, and limited mobility make them an ideal prey for most aquarium-sized fishes and they are excellent for colouration and health. Adult brine shrimp are suitable for small to large freshwater- and marine fishes.

Guaranteed Analysis: Available Sizes:
Crude Protein: 5,0 %Flatpack 113 grams
Crude Fat: 1,0 %Flatpack 453 grams
Crude Fiber: 0,9 %Flatpack 907 grams
Moisture: 92,0 %Flatpack 5.000 grams
Ash: 0,8 %